April 15, 2024

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Tash Sultana

Multi-instrumentalist, Tash Sultana, has created quite a name for herself in recent years.  Winning numerous awards in Australia and playing sold out shows all around the world, she’s garnered the reputation as a tour de force performer. The U.S leg of her FLOW STATE world tour had her playing ACL Live at Moody Theater, giving the sold out crowd a chance to experience her “one-person band” wizardry live.

Prior to Tash taking the stage, it had been outfitted with a performance platform outfitted with a beat machine, keyboard, and what appeared to be a xylophone. The platform also had a table with decorative neon lights and burning incense; whose aroma would occasionally waft though crowd. The lights in the venue dimmed, ad the crowd cheered in excitement as their anticipation was about to be realized. Guitar riffs filled the air, signaling Tash Sultana’s arrival. Illuminated only by a neon-lit rainbow set as a prop,  she would play for just over a minute before the stage light were brought up. During that time, the stage had been set for the high energy show to come.

Often characterized as a Santana or Hendrix-like guitarist, Tash’s flair was on full tilt. At one point, the barefooted musician jumped of her performance platform into  a mid-air scissor kick, all while playing the guitar. She would later lay the guitar on the ground, strum away, and never missing a note; much to the delight of the crowd. The set, mostly filled with tracks from her debut album FLOW STATE, was a showcase of more than just Tash’s guitar skills. She played the trumpet, sang, and layered beats together with her loop machine; all with the same high energy her fans have come to expect. Her showmanship was also on display, as she regularly engaged with the crowd, working all side of the stage. By the end of the show, Tash’s reputation was clearly justified.

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